The Need: Parents, social workers, doctors, and other professionals identify youth ages 7 to 14 who are struggling or at risk that would benefit from additional adult contact.  All youth have an incarcerated parent(s) and the parent has agreed that their child would benefit from being connected with a volunteer willing to have them join them at church worship services and/or congregational youth programs.  Youth benefit from stable long term relationships, improved self esteem, and improved decision making skills.  Program outcomes show that 94 percent maintained or improved their attitudes toward risky behaviors, 88 percent maintained or improved parental trust, and 85 percent maintained or improved their educational expectations.

The Opportunity: Volunteers (16 years or older) are needed to spend four hours per month with a youth whose circumstances or behavior is limiting their success.  Volunteers must have a valid driver's license, proof of insurance and clean criminal background check.  Volunteers agree to meet one-on-one with their mentee for at least one year. These meetings are encouraged to include church worship services and/or congregational youth programs, but can also be at any location the mentor and mentee agree to.

Program Description: The Amachi Program provides children of prisoners who face adversity and the potential to be at-risk for low achievement socially, emotionally and economically, with a mentor who is able to provide support, stability, guidance and friendship; thereby helping the youth attain higher aspirations, greater confidence and better relationships.  Volunteers are encouraged to have their youth join them for religeous worship services and/or congregational youth programs.  A professional social worker assess/recommends both youth and volunteers and provides volunteers training and encouragement, introduces you to the parent(s) and the youth, shares information, establishes boundaries and roles and provides advice and support if needed.  The volunteer and the youth determine when and where they will meet, but BBBS also posts monthly group opportunities if needed.


Orgnanization Name: Big Brothers Big Sisters

Contact Name: Leanne Williams
Contact Title: Program Director
Contact Phone: (605) 334-1632
Contact Email: