Partners Needed for "Manners Luncheons" at Anne Sullivan Elementary

Empower Sioux Falls was formed to encourage and assist Sioux Falls congregations in the areas of education, collaboration, and coordination.  While our first focus area is mentoring, we will also periodically bring ideas forward that fit within our mission and enable congregations to make a collective impact in our community.

Through meetings with congregational leaders and elementary school principles we have learned of the need and the value of having congregations 'adopt' an elementary school and closely partnering with school leaders and teachers in caring for children who live in a home with limited financial or other resources.  Too often these children feel 'left behind' when it comes to extra curricular activities.  We were recently contacted by Principal Kirk Zeeck at Anne Sullivan Elementary School requesting assistance with a new program they are considering, but need some help with.

So, consistent with the goal of education and collaboration ... please consider the following congregational opportunity at Annie Sullivan Elementary.  If your congregations desires to partner with Anne Sullivan in this way, please either reach out to Principal Zeeck at 605-367-6084 or us at  Press On!

Below is a message from Principal Zeeck, as well as a link to an article and video about the "Gentlemen's Club" at Memminger Elementary School in Charleston, S.C.

"Our counselor, Aaron Jensen, ran across this story and thought it might have some merit at Anne Sullivan for young boys.  From time to time we have students dress up for school with a tie and/or suit coat/vest.  They are very proud to wear their finest.  I am confident that if we started a club like this that students would wear their finest clothes and participate in “manners luncheons” at school.  However, some students may not have their “finest” to wear.  I am wondering how we could spread the word for donations of 7-11 year old suits, ties, jackets, etc. for students to wear on these special days.  This may be one small step to shine hope on a child’s situation.
“Dress nice.  Be nice.”    

Memminger Elementary School "Gentlemen's Club" Story and Video

Thank you for your consideration and guidance.
Kirk Zeeck, principal
Anne Sullivan Elementary
(605) 367-6084