Strategy for Empower Sioux Falls

The objective of Empower Sioux Falls is to create a framework to assist the Christian congregations of Sioux Falls as they strive to fulfill this vision through three practical ways.

We will create an avenue to identify and communicate to congregational leaders ‘best practices’ for poverty ministry so we are well equipped as we encourage and engage our congregations to serve in effective and impactful ways.  

We have several examples in our community where congregations are partnering with other congregations to accomplish a specific service objective.  We desire to encourage more of these efforts by creating a collaborative environment for congregational leaders to come together to: a) learn more about community needs and opportunities; b) share about their congregation’s gifts, efforts, and goals; and c) facilitate service partnerships with other like minded congregations.  

Improve the collective impact of the churches of Sioux Falls by providing congregational leaders with timely and comprehensive information about the felt needs and service opportunities within our city.  Create a centralized “database” and system for churches and individuals to: a) become aware of needs, b) see how needs are being met, and c) facilitate engagement.

Implementation Approach:
Establish a Steering Committee of congregational leaders who will: a) share their knowledge and experience in caring for the needs of the poor in our community; b) represent the diverse views of the congregations we seek to invite into a collaborative relationship; and c) establish a process to provide ongoing oversight to the design and implementation of Empower Sioux Falls.

The Steering Committee will: 
Examine how other cities have successfully united their churches in this common purpose and tailor these strategies to fit the gifts and needs of our city . Some examples / potential models include: 

  1. City Serve Portland -
  2. Unite Dallas -
  3. CRU - (Minneapolis/St. Paul) -
  4. City Serve Phoenix -

Actively communicate the committee’s progress to the congregational leaders of Sioux Falls to ensure there is general agreement and support for the proposed approach; and  
Identify and engage needed resources to create and maintain Empower Sioux Falls for the benefit our city’s congregations. (ie...Determine a long term “organizational” home, ideally without creating a new nonprofit.)