Video: November 9, 2017 Forum on School Business Partnerships

Below is the video of the presentation from the November 9 forum on school partnerships. Pastors Doug Bartel and Brian Stroh from Hillcrest Church provide a presentation outlining Hillcrest's business partnership with Cleveland Elementary School. Joining them on the panel are Cleveland principal Mitch Sheaffer and Jackie McNamara, former principal at Cleveland.

At the end of the presentation, participants were given a map which showed the locations of the elementary schools in Sioux Falls. Highlighted on the map were the nine Title 1 schools and a list of churches that have some type of ongoing relationships at these schools. CLICK HERE to download the map.

Pastor Rich Merkouris, an Empower Sioux Falls Leadership Team member, outlined what Empower Sioux Falls would like to accomplish over the next 45 days. He asked attendees to go to do the following:

  • Notify Empower Sioux Falls of any working relationship their church has at a particular school.
  • Take the map to their church leaders and ask the question, "Is God asking us to serve in a certain area?"